Team Rides

If you go to Terra Linda High School and love to mountain bike, then come on and join!  We’ll start in the fall – look for Club Day!

You need to be registered in the Pitzone in order to ride with the team!

Practice Schedule

  • Wednesday – (Schedule TBD)
  • Friday – 4 PM Once it gets light enough to ride after school. (TBD)
  • Sunday – 9 AM in front of the gym at Terra Linda High School.

What to bring to Team Practice

Come prepared – Bike works, lubed, tires pumped up, lubed chain.  Floss your teeth and hydrate

  • Helmet
  • Cycling jersey or training shirt (no cotton t-shirts!)
  • Padded shorts
  • Full-fingered Gloves
  • Glasses – Do not wear glasses made with actual glass — they can be a  hazard in a crash!
  • Thin wind shell
  • Hydration pack or water bottle (2 bottles for longer rides later in the season)
  • Energy bars
  • Extra tube
  • Tire levers
  • CO2 cartridge and small pump
  • Multi-tool
  • Phone (with essential apps)


Your Phone as a Tool

  • Full charge before your ride

Either of these apps – to show your position on a trail map:


In an emergency it is important to be able to give  your location to first responders.   You should always know the name of the area and the trail you are riding.  But you can also use your phone to report your exact latitude and longitude.

  • On  an iPhone you can get your latitude and longitude from the Compass app. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • On an Android phone you can get it from Google Maps.   Just touch and hold on the map. A red pin will appear. If you click on the pin the latitude and longitude is displayed in the information window. 
How to read latitude and longitude

Latitude and Longitude can be written in two common ways:

  1.  As decimal numbers:
    (38.0254217, -122.5712136)
  2. As degrees, minutes, and seconds:
    38° 0’45” N  122 °33’12” W
    Which is read:
    “38 degrees, 0 minutes, 45 seconds North.
    122 degrees, 33 minutes, 12 seconds West.”